Promise Zone Action Plan Strategy Session

What is Promise Zone? In January 2014, a two-square mile section of West Philadelphia (bordered by the Schuylkill River on the east and 48th Street on the west, from Sansom Street to Girard Avenue), was designated as one of the first five Promise Zones by the White House. The Promise Zone designation is a ten year anti-poverty initiative that aims to align efforts to increase opportunities for individuals and families within several West Philadelphia neighborhoods, including Belmont, Mantua, Mill Creek, West Powelton, and Saunders Park.

YOU R A CREATOR,INC. YRAC MOVEMENT™ is part of a conglomerate of other organizations working together to fulfill and further the Promise Zone initiative. Mujahiddeen Mohammed, our YRAC™ Senior National Coordinator was In attendance April 7, 2015 at the Mayor’s Office of Community Empowerment and Opportunity for the Promise Zone Action Plan Strategy Session, and gaining support for the YRAC™ spearheaded project “Innovations and Urban Development Fair” .

We want to show that exposure to more resources and less conducive economic restraints produce highly expansive and innovative results. For the Promise Zone, we need truly cutting edge and applicable platforms in the categories regarding; Health and Wellness, Housing, Economic Development, Education, and Public Safety. In order to have the very best in these categories our founder, and Creative Director Ishaqq A. Rahim of YOU R A CREATOR, INC. has outlined the Innovations and Urban Development Fair. This special  YRAC™ hosted invitation will be for innovative individuals, companies, and organizations of the local surrounding area of West Philadelphia, from there and extended to national participants. Upon their philanthropic presentations the best will be selected upon their willingness to spearhead & or partner with YRAC™ and organizations working to cultivate Promised Zone.

Mujahiddeen Mohammed is leading the Promise Zone Reentry Project through a grant from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment Training Administration (ETA). Training to Work grants fund sustainable efforts to develop and adopt career pathway models – an approach designed to link and coordinate education and training services for individuals to obtain industry recognized credentials. With these credentials, these workers can find meaningful employment and meet the needs of local employers in growing sectors and the newly innovative industries.

YRAC Movement™ committee of the ICPIC- NAC ) will manage and facilitate the character, citizenship and career development training for the reentry programs. Some of our training and industrial job partners will be: Philadelphia Technician Training Institute and The Enterprise Center of Philadelphia. Programs include, automotive technology; manufacturer engineering, welding, culinary, computer technology and CDL driving.


kaley P. Laurel | Human Resources

Direct Concerns & Support to:

Mujahiddeen Mohammed
Senior National Coordinator | Site Coordinator PA
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