YOU R A CREATOR (YRAC) After School Program facilitates academics through afterschool tutoring and homework, empowering students with core life-skills that can be utilized now and after high school. Founded in 2009, YRAC helps youthful individuals cultivate their talents, while fostering a sense of social vitality. YRAC has served over 13,972 members Internationally and has cultivated leaders that are successful in their respective fields. With offices in Ohio, Philadelphia, and Atlanta Georgia YRAC continues it’s mission to empower youthful Creators.  

Key Benefits

  • YRAC Afterschool program focuses on all students’ academic and social learning through engaging a variety of life skills.
  • Students will gain knowledge of the foundational principles of everyday life skills.
  • YRAC Afterschool program will contribute time, talent and wisdom to the community
  • Students will have a “sense of belonging” to an extracurricular activity.
  • Students will be prepared and confident to implement learned strategies and capable of teaching others.

YRAC After School Program will provide individual academic support. We focus on developing the student’s individual strengths and creative talents, encouraging a broader outlook on life, introducing cutting edge tools, resources, and technology. We align the youth with mentorship, bringing in a host of demonstrations, presentations, choice clubs, and special instructors to combine with our lead facilitating staff. We strive to make each day the most engaging, colorful, and fun experience. YRAC works with individual institutional budgets to implement the YRAC After School program.

YRAC’s Seven Pillars of Success:

  1.   Upstanding Moral Principles: this is the base of all our actions in and outside of the business and educational environment. So long as a person acts from upstanding principles, the community will grow in a positive direction.
  2.   Entrepreneurial Leadership: this will turn the economy towards innovation by equipping the youth with the knowledge and resources to generate revenue for themselves and their communities.
  3.   Leadership Development: every business, organization, and community needs leadership development or the lack of leadership will be detrimental to the growth and development of the community.
  4.   Community Development: we encourage all of our graduates to enter the world as entrepreneurs with a focus on community development. We recognize that any business, organization, group or community looking to sustain success must do so through a communal connection and positive reciprocation of behavior. This perspective and embodiment of community well-being will be the main variable in perpetuating our sustainability.
  5.   Cultural Diversity: we will connect with people from all walks of life. We must see and feel other cultures as one with ours and our humanity. Getting to know other cultures indeed increases the knowledge and wisdom of the self. This is the community development pillar in its complete form.
  6.   Creativity: We promote the arts as this emphasizes innovation. Creativity increases acumen for strategic interactions, problem solving, and personal awareness of one’s surroundings. Cultivating creativity will inspire building the YRAC institution so it will innovate rather than stagnate.
  7.   Positive Personal Destiny:  Destiny is a fact. Instilling a positive outlook and purpose of self worth creates lasting confidence and drive that will ensure success in life.

Embodiment. We will live out these pillars in our environment and our actions.




CulturED develops, implements, and monitors programming to answer the unique needs of individual schools. By engaging parents, students, teachers and other community and school based stakeholders, we resolve to improve and grow the following areas:

  • Attendance
  • Parent involvement
  • Student-teacher relationships
  • Community-School Communication
  • Student Achievement
  • Career/College Readiness
  • Trust and sense of belonging between Families and schools
  • Teacher/Staff Professional Development

Implementing our CulturED into your student’s systems of support creates a continuous web of fluid communication and development of all participants. Through customized implementation of programming, CulturED seeks to reach and improve every facet of student’s lives. Within this program they will grow prepared to not only reach and obtain their individual goals, but to also become reinvesting citizens of their community and ambassadors of positive community culture.