More About YRAC

Action for Growth: A Social Networking Movement for Unified Progress!
In May 2009, the Community Organizers at YRAC came up with a solutions oriented method to help you effect change and address issues in your community. This experience should enable you to discover the challenges facing your community and give you access to resources and activities that are fun, empowering and fulfilling, while connecting you with other individuals on a local, state wide, and national level. Community life is a reality!

YRAC Movement Mission is Three-Fold

Our primary goal is Instituting  young adult social activities, cultivating unity, friendship, arts, cultural expression, and progressive peer collaboration, as we seek to solve common issues and cultivating human excellence through divine living and coexistence.

Transforming the consumer into a producer, providing jobs, helping members in business start-up, and business consulting, branding and social media managing.

YRAC Movement Community Organizers seeks to uncover and solve a broad rang of community issues by combining skills, talents, and resources; empowering the people to take action, enhancing and highlighting upstanding  involvement in our local areas, helping the world for the common good!

What Does “You R A Creator” Mean?
It means you can be creative in your life. The name is a token to help motivate you at best. Take responsibility for your life and surroundings.

YRAC is a Community-based organization. Here we service the creative people and give them an outlet to solve societal problems. Our primary purpose is to serve human-kind; this includes the social, political, educational and technologically advanced demographics. YRAC is on the cutting edge of bringing people together and bridging the gap within its own entity as well as other faith-based organizations. Our goal is to create an environment where each individual is empowered to aid in solving their own problems, gain support from those around them and continue to be at the fore-front of advancement.

How YRAC will CHANGE the World
Our eternal goal is to change the paradigm between good and malicious intent and aid others in realizing that good can and does remain at the fore-front. We seek to do this by creating a new culture confirming that a healthy way of life is sustainable. Our mission is to change the way people live, encourage a whole-listic-based lifestyle that is sustainable and understood as an outlet to be one with god, your talents and within your community. This reality can go along-side the institutional structure: work, play, education and politics, and can be profitable to your life.

Today YOU R A CREATOR, INC. is a mutli-faceted, multi-deminsional movement that continues to encourage, unified work ethics, intellectual and creative expression.